Tønsberg – Lübeck


Former Crew

An image of one of the crew, Håvard Mogan Enerud

Håvard Mogan Enerud

Captain and Chief Engineer

Håvard Mogan Enerud, from Norway. I am the youngest onboard (28), but I am a professional sailor: I work as a 3. Officer on an oil tanker in the North...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Arndis E. Skardevi

Arndis E. Skardevi


My name is Arndis Skardevi, I am from Denmark. I have been sailing viking ships in Roskilde, Denmark, since 2017, and have sailed Saga Farmann since 2...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Steinar Gravdal

Steinar Gravdal

Stage Responsible

Steinar Gravdal from Ringerike, Norway. Member of the Saga Farmann boat guild since 2019, and I am also a member of the Hardraade vikingship guild, w...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Morten Molteberg

Morten Molteberg


Morten Molteberg from Hole, Norway. I am 56 years old, I have three children and one grandchild. In my spare time, I volunteer at the Hardraade vikin...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Kjersti Marken

Kjersti Marken

Safety and Media

I am Kjersti Marken from Norway. (61) I am a mother and a grandmother, and I earn a living as a vicar (pastoring a Norwegian community). I have been p...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Rolf Krohg-Sørensen

Rolf Krohg-Sørensen

Captain and Next-in-command

I am Rolf Krohg-Sørensen from Norway. After I retired as a headmaster of a school in Asker I was a part of the team building Saga Farmann for two year...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Mattias Wallenberg

Mattias Wallenberg

Chef Assistant

My name is Mattias Wallenberg, (53) from Kungälv, Sweden. My family consists of Jenny and 2 teenage boys Erik and Thor. On weekdays, I work as loading...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Tore Rolf Dammyr

Tore Rolf Dammyr

Tack-man and Chef

I am Tore Dammyr, from Norway, and have been on Viking voyages with Saga Farmann every summer since she was launched. I am from Lillestrøm, near Oslo,...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Torstein O.E. Johnsen

Torstein O.E. Johnsen

Chief Engineer Trainee

I am Torstein (60), born and raised above the arctic circle in Narvik, Norway. In my daily life I am an entrepreneur and an accountant; Partner in Sca...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Ingun Nerlie

Ingun Nerlie


Hello, I am Ingun Nerlie, I live in Kongsberg, (Norway), about 1.5 hours by car north-west of Tønsberg, Norway. I live here with my husband Trond, a d...Read more

An image of one of the crew, Harald Ueland

Harald Ueland


I am Harald Ueland, from Sandnes and I currently live in Bergen, Norway. In my youth, I spent summers with my grandparents on the south coast of Norwa...Read more