Regensburg is a city in eastern Bavaria, at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen rivers. Inhabited since Stone Age times, then as an imperial Roman river fort, and being the biggest medieval city site north of the alps, the medieval center of the city was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 because of its well-preserved architecture and historical significance.  Regensburg is among the top sights and travel attractions in Germany.

In 793, the Emperor Charlemagne ordered the construction of a canal—the Fossa Carolina connecting the Danube and Rhine basins. Its functionality is debatable and its existence was very brief, but it raises the intriguing prospect that technically Vikings could have, however unlikely, historically made the same journey we make for Saga Asia 2023!

From here Saga Asia 2023 Stage 4 proceeds downstream along the Danube River.